Busy Week At Broward Health – Meetings, meetings, meetings!

After Thanksgiving, it was a busy week for Broward Health with a flurry of committee and board meetings.  I was able to attend most with my borrowed 4K video camera.  These meetings can now be viewed and used for your edification, self improvement or as a sleep aide.  Comments & Tips always welcome!

Given the backdrop of the Grand Jury looking into Broward Health (set to end on December 13th), and the acknowledgement of some that the ever present video camera has served to bring a bit of new accountability to these meeting – it is startling that there appears to be a growing rift between corporate and the medical staff.  Anyway, I’ll leave that for another post where I will do some catch-up analysis of the “new” Broward Health.

In the meantime, here are the meetings and backup agenda excerpts.

11/27/2017 Broward Health Compliance Meeting.

BH Compliance Committee Agenda Packet

11/29/17  Broward Health Human Resources Committee

BH Human Resource Committee Agenda Packet

11/29/17 Broward Health Special Board Meeting

BH Special Board Meeting Agenda Packet

11/29/17 Broward Health Regular Board Meeting

BH Regular Board Meeting Agenda Packet

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