Broward Health Chairman Rocky Rodriguez Resigns! Million-dollar Contract offered to Indicted Capasso.

From the Broward Health meeting (posting as it happens). Meeting recording will be posted late tonight.

Rocky Rodriquez

At the Broward Health Human Resources Committee meeting today, it was announced that Chairman Rocky Rodriguez has resigned.  Christopher “Guy Weston” Ure now chair.

More as this story unfolds.

Beverly Capasso

Beverly Capasso

Interim now permanent CEO Bev Capasso is offered a million dollar contract including a base salary of more than $750,000 and potential “profit-share” bonus.

The committee recommended that the full Board approve the contract, but Lynn Barrett – Broward Health’s Counsel refused to permit a copy of the agreement to be provided to the public saying it was a “119” request.

Shortly thereafter, two Board members provided a copy.  This agreement will be scanned and attached to a post this evening.

Both items will be on the agenda for the full Board meeting today at 4:30.

[Update]  Agenda & Capasso proposed (now approved) contract:
(start on page 3 for draft contract)

3/28/18 Broward Health Regular HR Committee Packet Excerpts

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Post the indicted fake graduate degree ceos contract for the hard working staff to see.
    Shame on Mike Satz for not prosecuting her for voting and conspiring to get herself the job!

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