Broward Health – Vote for anyone but Rick Scott

How do you hold a Board, that is politically appointed by the Governor, accountable? Embarrassment without a credible threat of removal goes just so far for Board members who too often care little for their reputations.

Since 2012, I have attended most Broward Health Board meetings, and been writing articles published here and in my blogs and My writings have tried to expose, cajole, persuade, embarrass, and inform the Broward Health Board and senior leadership to do a better job. But each time, I come back to accountability.

Of course, the obvious answer is – you can’t hold the Board accountable, but you must hold the Governor accountable. Some would argue that Rick Scott did not create the problems at Broward Health, but I would counter that he certainly could address and correct them.

Instead, Rick Scott appointed inexperienced political hacks to the Broward Health Board. Then he suspended some members of the Board. Then he opened an Inspector General and an FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) investigation into Broward Health (both continuing today after close to three years). Then he refuses to appoint a full complement of Board members in effect crippling the ability of the Board to assemble a quorum for necessary meetings. For over a year, there were only four of seven board members. Now there are five of seven Board members appointed. Insult to injury against Broward Health, one of the recent Board appointments appears to have been selected specifically to protect Broward Health’s legal counsel who is responsible for hiring law firms that coincidentally support Rick Scott. Just recently, Foley & Lardner LLP, one of these law firms has even been rumored to be pushing Governor Scott to appoint another ‘friend’ to the Board to shore up the increasingly exposed and embattled Broward Health legal counsel’s ‘protection.’ Of course, it should come as no particular surprise that Foley & Lardner’s projected fees for the 2018-2019 fiscal year from Broward Health are ‘budgeted’ at over two million dollars. That’s a lot of candidate Rick Scott support!

Regardless of your political persuasion, if you care about the health of your family, your friends or yourself – and you live north of 595 in Broward County – you simply cannot give your vote to Rick Scott. He must be held accountable for the cavalier manner in which he has politicised and monetized his gubernatorial responsibilities to Broward Health and our community. There must be consequences for his irresponsibility that has risked the health of our families and our community just for his personal and political gain.

For Senate, vote for anyone but Rick Scott. Let that be a consequence of how he has screwed up Broward Health while Governor for thousands of your friends and neighbors.

About Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis is a Systems Architect, Crisis Management; Political Micro-Targeting Analytics & Message Development Consulting; JNAC Communications & Management Services, LLC. CEO/Founder; Past Service: • Miramar City Commissioner, • Broward County Growth Management advisory committee, Chair, • Broward County Management & Efficiency Study Committee, Chair, • Broward County Charter Review Committee, Chair; Broward County Growth Management Advisory Committee, Chair, • Member of 7 school Sit Teams, president of 5; • BCSB Consultant’s Review Committee, • BCSB Audit Committee, • BCSB Diversity Committee • Broward County Health Facilities Authority
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  1. ricky davis says:

    Thank you rick scott for your pain pill legislation. My family doctor can no longer treat my chronic pain for my back injury. I now have to have a second doctor just for pain, $65.00 co-pay each visit, i had to pay $300.00 for a MRI to prove once again that i have an injury to my back. Now i have to go for physical therapy ( another $65.00 a pop) and i will have to wear a brace. I hate to see what that will cost. The doctor will give me a series of shots over the next month ( more money, i bet my insurance company will love that) , my wife and I pay almost $1600.00 a month plus we have a $6200.00 deductible each for our health insurance. I have almost spent a thousand dollars and lost many hours of work when my family doctor had everything under control. I am a devout christian conservative ,republican all the way, BUT i will not vote for rick scott for senate and i’m sure alot of people in my shoes will not vote for him either.

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